Frequently Asked Questions About HYBRID® Inflations

Instructions For Closing Claw Vent Hole

Closing Claw Vent Hole Step 1

Step 1

Clean and dry the claw vent hole and surrounding area with a liquid cleaner, and then abrade the surface around the hole with a “3M” abrasive pad.

Closing claw Vent Hole Step 2

Step 2

Holding the closing pick in one hand, place a drop of adhesive on the end of the pick that will be placed into the claw hole.

Closing Claw Vent Hole Step 3

Step 3

Place the pick with the adhesive into the claw hole with just enough pressure to seat the pick.

Closing Claw Vent Hole Step 4

Step 4

After 1 day, cut the pick head off leaving about 1/8″ of the pick above the adhesive.

Venting Systems

Air Vent Advantages

Bou-Matic, Milk-Rite and the Conewango vent all of which were around 0.400 deep. The IBA vent would be similar in depth to the last three.

The Hybrid vent is almost impossible to clog compared to the others with the exception of the Bou-Matic vent which has the small opening on the outside while Milk-Rite, Conewango and IBA all have the small opening on the inside of the vent (tapered from the larger opening on the outside and getting smaller as it transitions to the flow of milk. Bou-Matic has a patent on their vent.

Venting Pipe Orafice

Venting Difference

Most claw vents are 0.040 with 1 per claw while most inflation air vents are around 0.025 and with 1 in each inflation assembly, the amount of air let in by the 4 inflation vents is comparable to the 1 in the claw