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Hybrid® Inflations Benefits

Improve Teat End Health
Less Slippage
Save Time With Fewer Changes
Save Money With Long Lasting Durable Design

Unique Modular Design
Silicone Rubber For Teat Comfort
Air Tube Designed For Long Wear

Milk Tube Designed To Reduce Claw Cutting

Round Inflation With Triangular Action For Milking Speed & Teat Health

Hybrid vs Standard Inflation

Hybrid inflation operates differently from the traditional inflation taking more time in the Milk Phase and Massage Phase providing excellent milking speed with greater teat comfort.

Phase HYBRID Time STANDARD Time Difference
A (close-open) 83/1000 8% 147/1000 15% 43% Faster
B (open) Milk Phase 510/1000 51% 447/1000 45% 12% More
C (open-close 88/1000 9% 147/1000 15% 40% Faster
D Massage Phase 326/1000 33% 245/1000 25% 24% More